How it

IAM has developed Instant Comms for C- 19, a secure web portal and matching mobile app to meet these five needs in a single solution.

Instant Comms for C- 19 enables companies to send policies, guidance, documents and updates to the mobile phones of their employees in real time, simply and automatically.

The Instant Comms secure web portal enables companies to add and update their own company policies, guidance and information in a powerful text editor, including importing any existing documents you may have.
As soon as the material is saved, including any updates, changes or deletions, the latest version is automatically downloaded to the mobile phones of all employees, plus an alert on their phone to let them know there has been an update.

Track Symptoms:

The app supports employees directly, by enabling them to keep a record of their symptoms, coronavirus tests, Immunity and Vaccine status.   They have a permanent record to share with doctors if they become unwell.

To ensure that employees can access responsible guidance and information on coronavirus, there are One Touch links, within the app, to the web sites of the authoritative government and public health resources, localised to the employee’s country.  Companies may also opt in for employee access to Nurse Triage / Nurse Case Management services, where available.


The company needs to know the state of health of its employees to monitor the progress of the pandemic and to anticipate the pandemic receding.  Employees can consent for their company to view de-identified, summarised reports of the symptoms and coronavirus test results status across their workforce. No employee identifiable data is shared with the company.

From Instant Comm’s standard analytics or using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools (Power BI) companies can Analyse and report on the trends of the on-going health of their employees, all in real time.

Companies can monitor progress for each of their locations, country or business lines.


Return to Work:

These reports and summarised views enable the company, in real time, to anticipate and plan for a return to work, at each location or business line, at the earliest, but safe, time in an orderly way.

After the Pandemic:

Monitoring remains vital.  There is major uncertainty of what will happen post pandemic including:

  • Possible additional variants and more sustained future waves
  • Whether immunity is sustained through the available vaccinations
  • How will we identify, care for and recommend treatment for the Covid 19 “Long Haulers”?
  • When will a vaccine will be available for each country, territory and individual and how to schedule an appointment?
  • Whether the coronavirus variants will continue to form and potential to re-infect

Employers will need to maintain close contact with their employees. IAM recommends that companies continue to monitor their employees with Instant Comms for C-19 for at least 12 months after a successful Return To Work.