Instant Comms C-19
App Features

Employees login using their username and password. From the opening screen employees can tap on the set of functions to:

  • One touch call to local Emergency Services number directly

  • One touch link to local authoritative website on Coronavirus advice, e.g. Government. CDC etc.

  • One touch link to local Coronavirus FAQs

  • One touch to see your own company’s policy, guidance and advice resources, customised for your employees

  • Enter and review own symptoms in Personal Symptom Tracker

  • Enter and review own Coronavirus test results

  • One touch call to Nurse Triage / Nurse Case Management services (optional)

  • Enter and review own Immunity status

  • Enter and review own Vaccine status

Personal Symptom Tracker and Test results

Employees are alerted each day to record if they have any of the key Coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) and their severity, or no symptoms at all.  Employees can also record the date and result of their Coronavirus tests and, when clarified in their country, their Immunity Status and Vaccine Status.

This is a valuable record for employees and, when aggregated across the company, will give the analysis of the symptoms, testing and progress across the workforce, all in real time.

Authoritative Guidance and Coronavirus FAQs

The Guidance and FAQs are links to the best Government and medical advice and include the key authoritative information in the employee’s locality.