Who is supporting the InstantAccess with Crosstrace Solution?

Instant Access medical Limited and Crosstrace Limited work together to support the solution


Who is doing the testing?

Testing is carried out internally.


How is the InstantAccess with Crosstrace solution implemented?

If your InstantComms powered by Crosstrace solution is provided for you by your employer or other organisation you will be provided with a Company or Organisation code and a personal number. You simply download the InstantComms app from the Apple IOS or Android Google Play Store like any of the other apps on your phone. You type in your Company or  Organization code and personal number, add your name and mobile phone number and the app will be ready. Next you pair your Crosstrace wristband or card with your phone using the Bluetooth connection on your phone. You only need to do this once.  From then on the InstantComms app on your phone and the Crosstrace wristband or card will connect with each other automatically.


What if I lose my phone?

There is always a copy of your InstantComms with Crosstrace record held securely on our Microsoft Azure servers.  When you have your replacement phone you will be able to download the InstantComms app as you did originally.  You may need to answer some additional security questions and then your record will be transferred from our Microsoft Azure servers to your new phone.

You will then need to pair your Crosstrace wristband or card with your new phone as you did with your previous phone.


Where is my InstantComms with Crosstrace record stored

On Microsoft Azure secure Cloud based servers.


Who has access to my InstantComms with Crosstrace record

Only you and anyone else to whom you give consent to share your record.


How can I be certain that no one else can get access to information from my InstantComms with Crosstrace record

Only you will be given access to your record. When you sign-up you will be able to choose your own secure password.  These details are unique to you and, along with your personal information, will not be shared with anybody else unless you choose to let them see it.

This is not different to how you would access other online services, for example banking.


Can I put my own information into my InstantComms with Crosstrace record

Yes, you can add your own symptoms, test results and vaccination data.


What sort of mobile devices does my InstantComms with Crosstrace record work on

Your record will be available on any Apple IOS or Android smartphones and tablets.


Can I have my InstantComms with Crosstrace record on more than one mobile phone or tablet

Yes, you can have your personal care record on as many mobile devices as you want.


Is my InstantComms with Crosstrace record secure

Yes, your record is held securely on Microsoft Azure servers,  All the data in your record is encrypted.


What if I do not have or want a PC or phone

We will be offering a Cloud Reader that will read and write to your Crosstrace wristband or card without the need for you to have a PC or phone.


Do I need an Internet connection to use my InstantComms with Crosstrace record

Your personal care record is downloaded to your mobile device automatically when you do have an Internet connection.  If you do not have an Internet connection, you can continue to use your personal care record on your smartphone or tablet.  As soon as you next get an Internet connection your personal care record will automatically update with any changes.



We comply with the requirements to project personal information and sensitive information including the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We take the protection of personal and sensitive information very seriously. We provide information to all our clients who wish to manage their own personal healthcare information to explain how we look after it. We ensure that their privacy is respected, and we keep their data confidential and we protect it securely. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe were aimed at increasing the privacy that organisations must take when managing healthcare data about people. It is required that organisations be accountable for how they manage personal information.  Patients have the right to confidentiality under GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018, the Human Rights Act 1998, the Health & Social Care Act 2012 as well as the common law duty of confidence.