Instant Comms C-19
App Benefits

Benefits for companies

Simple to install, always at hand

Installation is quick and simple from the Apple or Android app store.  Employees enter the company code, employee ID, name, email and mobile phone number and are up and running.  Because the app and the data are resident on the mobile phone, employees have all the information they need, always at hand, always up-to-date, even if they lose an Internet connection.


The Instant Comms company code scan have sub-codes for different locations, countries and business lines.  Companies have simple, rapid, comprehensive secure communication with all their employees by location, country and business line.  As soon as any information is added or updated it is immediately sent to the mobile phones of all relevant employees.

Always up to date, always at hand

The app and the data are resident on the employees’ mobile phone. So employees have all the information they need, always at hand, always up-to-date, even if they lose an Internet connection.

Secure and confidential

Security and confidentiality are crucial for health apps.  The Instant Comms security model is multi-layered.   Data is stored on physically secure servers and all data and message traffic encrypted.  The Instant Comms web portal is hosted on secure Microsoft Azure servers.

All accesses to the data are through role-based access.  Each role can only access records for which they are authorised.  All accesses to the record are automatically logged in a comprehensive audit trail with the date, time and user who accessed the record and what changes they made to the record for medico-legal purposes.

All Instant Comms’ use of data is covered by explicit employee consent.

Real time analytics

Using the secure company access to the Instant Comms web portal, companies can view the summarised data of the symptoms of their employees and their symptom trends, how many have been tested and their results.  Using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools (Power BI) companies can Analyse and report on the trends of the on-going health of their employees, all in real time.  Companies can monitor progress to enable them to anticipate and plan when, for each location, country or business line, when they will be ready to reopen for business, in a timely, safe and orderly way.

Risk management

There is a comprehensive audit trail for all documents added or updated by the company on the web portal including date, time and user who created, updated or deleted a document and the date and time the document was sent to employees.  All documents are retained and when updated are automatically stored as version 1, version 2 etc.  The audit trail on the mobile app records the date and time the document was opened.

In the event of an employee action after the pandemic claiming lack of information or misinformation, the company will be able to demonstrate the full audit trail of documentation and information sent to employees.

Configured for each company

Instant Comms International C-19 can be configured for each company, including company logo and presented multilingually for employees, wherever they are.

Real time data

Companies can Analyse real time data across the whole company and by those locations, countries and business lines.

Benefits for employees

Informed and supported

Employees are kept up-to-date on their mobile phones, automatically for no effort.

Company information is up to date and always at hand whenever needed.

Own valuable record

The app supports employees by enabling them to keep a record of their symptoms, coronavirus tests, and in due course, their Immunity and Vaccine status.

Employees therefore have a permanent and valuable record to share with doctors should the employee become unwell.

Secure and confidential

Consent driven

No employee identifiable data is shared with the company.

The Instant Comms app has no access to financial and payment information, authentication information, phonebook, contacts, device location, call related data, microphone, camera, and other sensitive device or usage data.