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Instant Access Medical, Instant Comms for C- 19

Covid-19 is causing most companies to work virtually.  As the pandemic evolves, advice and guidance need to be constantly updated.  Employees are anxious and concerned, so they need the latest, up-to-date, ever-changing information.

There has been no shortage of general public information about what to do during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Keeping in touch with employees and ensuring they get the very latest information of what is happening in their own company has been a major challenge.

Companies are struggling to communicate through a storm of emails, texts and phone calls, uncertain who has received what and when.

IAM’s Instant Comms for C- 19 addresses the critical need for companies to keep their employees informed and supported, simply, rapidly and automatically, both during and, especially, after the pandemic for the Return to Work and for at least the next 12 months.

Every company needs to Communicate with its employees; to enable employees to Track their symptoms; to Analyse the progress of the pandemic in their own workforce; and, above all, to plan for a safe and timely the Return to Work and for the crucial on-going monitoring After the Pandemic.

IAM has developed Instant Comms for C- 19, a secure web portal and matching mobile app to meet these five needs in a single solution.


Symptom Tracker
CV Test Tracker
Vaccine Status
Immunity Status
Call Emergency Number
Company Policies/Guidance
Coronovirus Guidance
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Instant Comms is hosted on secure Microsoft Azure servers.  If required, the Instant Comms solution can also be hosted by an enterprise on their own server environment.

Instant Comms can be linked to Enterprise resources including web portals.

Instant Comms supports OAuth 2 single sign on and Active Directories so can be integrated with personnel systems.

Instant Comms is underpinned by a clinical database so can interface with Occupational Health record systems.

Differentiation from competitors

Instant Comms is unlike the majority of Covid-19 apps which are focused on Track and Trace of individuals or public health bodies.
Focus on a critical need

The Covid 19 market is awash with apps for patients and health services.  Instant Comms addresses the critical need that companies have to communicate simply, rapidly and reliably with their employees.

For the pandemic and beyond

There are many unknowns about whether there will be a second wave, how immunity may develop or not, how effective a vaccine will be and when, whether the coronavirus will mutate and re-infect.  But there is absolute certainty that companies need to continue to communicate with and closely monitor the health of their employees as we emerge into the “new normal”.

Instant Comms is built to be extended however the next 12 months shapes up.

Stay ahead

Instant Comms will never be complacent about competitors and has a clear development road map to stay ahead of the competition.

Where next?

Instant Comms is extremely flexible.

As the pandemic develops and evolves, with the inevitable and necessary changes in policies, procedures and regulations, so Instant Comms for C-19 is evolving to reflect these changes. These changes will be delivered to users Over The Air (OTA) as free upgrades, so that your organisation will remain at the leading edge in the fight as we learn to manage the “New Normal”.

Instant Comms can be configured for your  bespoke company health communications app. Instant Comms can be configured to meet specific requirements that your organisation may have.

Instant Comms can be expanded to take on additional disease management areas such as HIV, TB, chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, mental health and general well-being as per the needs of the organisation.

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